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On 30-Mar-19 22:36 PM,parthi ban asked the following question

land Dispute with neighbour...Looking for legal opinion..

Hi, I had an housing land dispute issue with neighbour...Twice survey done with taluka government surveyour..I am trying to make the wall within my boundary limits... But my neighbour was objecting and he was threatning me to make the construction,Already FIR HAS been filed with my neighbour as well. But after Sub inspector intervention It was agreed that resurvey need to be done with proper survey notice and the opposite party should not make any problem....My neighbour want the survey from District surveyour only...... AS we have already enquired with District Surveyour about this survey for his avialblity...AS per him head surveyour is the final authority to make the survey..District surveyour wont come for survey...The same has been conveyed by District surveyour to head surveyour over Phone as well.hence we have decided to conduct survey with head surveyour and taluka surveyour with summon notice.After surveyor reached the spot to make survey my neighbour was objecting this Survey...And they didnt allow the surveyour to make the survey... They are always coming with group and threatning us since we are orthodox family...I am looking for legal Justice. Now how can I proceed to build wall within my boundary limit...Looking for a solution which can faster... 1)Is there a possiblity to take mandatory injunction order to avoid neighbour interfer in my boundary wall.....if yes before giving this will there be a hearing from opposite side as well...Please clarify 2)if the opposite party knows i am moving towards court,is there a way he can get some stay order to stop my work parmanetly without my knowledge...???? Please suggest the best way to move forward.....

Dear Sir,

Get survey the land through Court Surveyor by getting appointment of Court Commissioner.

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