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Posted 22-Feb-19 11:03 AM

#humiliation by teacher

I am an 18 yr old btech student.My maths teacher asked me stand up and asked me why I missed the previous class to which I responded that I was having a severe headache and henceforth I missed the class to which he asked me to leave and therefore I left.Then he came out and started forcing to me to lean down in front of him on my knees to which I said sorry to which he raised his hands on me as if he is going to beat me up.Then I had to lean down as I got scared and after that he went back to the class and I went home.what action can I take against the teacher

Dear Sir,

You can lodge a complaint against the teacher and also to the college management and even to the education Minister of your State. If you do not take action against him he may repeat such actions which are illegal not only against you but also your classmates.


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