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karan 2153

Posted 10-Jul-17 14:24 PM

#Annulment Seeking annulment.Marriage happened4 months back.

Hi, Seeking advice of experts here. I live in Australia and married 4 months back in India with a UK citizen who i met in the UK few years back. Our marriage is not registered anywhere but it was ceremonial wedding in Gurdwara and certificate was issued.We decided before marriage that we will live in Australia post marriage. Not only She has blatantly refused to come to Australia but she has aborted the child also. I wanted to know if I am eligible for annulment and if yes then i would like to be in contact with suitable lawyer to whom I can provide further details so that he she can take up my case.

You can file a divorce case/annulment of marriage and get rid of your wife GOPAL VERMA ADVOCATE ON RECORD SUPREME COURT OF INDIA PH- 9810090507 ... Read More

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