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Kiran Murthy

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Male, Practising since 1998
Language Competency: English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu,
Address: Indiranagar , HAL 2nd Stage Murthy Associates, # 489, 9th Main, 3rd Cross, Bengaluru Karnataka, 560038
Practice Details
Expertise: Documentation, Consumer Protection, Divorce Or Alimony, Property Or Tenancy
Practicing in Courts: Karnataka High (Bengaluru Bench),
Bar Councils: Bar Council of Karnataka,
Bachelor of Law (LL.B), Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College of Law, 1992-1996

Pradeep Bharathipura

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Male, Practising since 2004
Address: No , Bengaluru Karnataka, 560010
Practice Details
Expertise: Civil Law, Divorce Or Alimony, Family Law, Labour Law
Bachelor of Commerce Accountancy, National Law College Shivamogga , 2001-2004
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