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Posted 19-Jun-17 19:24 PM

property laws

our apartment association in Mysore,Karnataka is registered as xx owners WELFARE association under KSRA(societies act). we have difficulty in charging maintenance charges on Sq ft basis. Questions for expert opinion is 1.Is it mandatory to go in for KAOA 1972 Registration? 2.can we vote for changing over to Sq ft basis collection of maintenace charges,if opposition is there for this change. If so simple majority is OK? 3. can any file litigation on Managing committed for KSRA registration as illegal? Request for expert opinion so that we can move forward further actions through legal counsel.

Mahesh Nanavate

Posted 18-Jun-17 19:12 PM

Boopathy Raja

Posted 15-Jun-17 23:25 PM

public road access is stopped by private group

We have a flat in a place where it is surrounded by independent villas. We have our own gated community. We have only one common access for our flats and their villas. they have put a security in that road and have a barigate and stopping all vehicles. Also they are not allowing few vehicles which are coming to our apartments. Please let us know if thats the legal. Note : They are saying that the road belongs to them. We have the approval whihc shows the access to our appartment.

This is illegal. No RWA can block access to roads etc. You should consider sending them a notice. Also, file a complaint with the local municipality, Local Development Authority and the police station. Public roads are of course public property and can't be blocked by RWA of individual residential society(s).

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Nisha Rajakumar

Posted 09-Jun-17 15:27 PM

Naming child as per legal advise

Dear sir/ madam, I am nisha from Tamil Nadu. Recently I have given birth to a baby girl. We are in process of naming her and there is a disagreement with her initials. My husband Prefers to give his and his fathers name as initials to the baby whereas I wish to give mine/ my husband's. Due to adverse experiences of surnames having two names overseas and some family feud, I prefer my daughter to have only mine/ my husband's name as initials and not to carry her grandfather's name. Please provide your valuable legal opinion on this as there is no consensus. Certificate from municipal corporation is pending due to this controversy and hence I seek your valuable opinion at the earliest?

Santosh Kumar A.V

Posted 08-Jun-17 19:06 PM

Legal name selection for daughter

Dear sir I am a Indian citizen working in Dubai. Recently my wife gave birth to a beautiful girl child. I was confused to choose the initials for my child. My initials is having both my Father and grand father name. My name is Santosh Kumar AV, A is for Anniyapan ( Grand father) V is for Vajiravelu ( Father) I wanted to know if i can name my daughter with my and my father initials. regards Santosh

You can  name your daughter as you please. 

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Hudson George

Posted 25-May-17 10:10 AM

I have booked a hotel in Amsterdam through make my trip which costed 7860 after a discount from make my trip. I received a booking confirmation. When I reached hotel, there is no booking. I wasted half day and had to book another hotel at 12500

When I was checking in to the hotel, there was no reservation. I had to travel another 10km with my family to find a hotel which costed 12500Rs.What is the legal way I can ask for the compensation for extra money I spend to get new accommodation,time wasted and travel cost involved.

i faced the same problem in ooty. when i called the hotel for a late check in they replied our booking is cancelled. wheather when i reached they offered another room for rs 12000/- as it was approx 8.30 oclock in the evening i was bound to pay the money as i was travelling with my wife and the place was totally unknown to us. more than that my wife was suffering from stomac pain from that noon. now i have decided to filed a case against hotelier.


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Posted 24-May-17 14:54 PM

This is expected and it is actually required of commercial establishments to deduct TDS. You can file a tax refund and you shall be reimbursed the deducted amount in the event you fall in the 0% income tax category (minimal salary which is tax exempt). You can request your company to not deduct it upfront but even then you should file the income tax return to acknowledge this income and pay (or be exempted formally from) the tax that you may be liable for.

Please note that in case you are a minor, your salary may be added to that your parent(s).

One way in which your stipend may be tax exempt is if it can be considered as a form of scholarship, where you need to undertake the internship as part of continuing your education and are being paid not for the work you are doing (not as a salary) as part of the internship but to continue your education further.

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