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Malcolm Davis

Posted 14-Oct-18 07:20 AM

Staying with my baby

My wife just gave birth and our baby is required to stay for 1 week but we are going to be asked to leave assuredly tomorrow is there anything i am able to say or do that will force them to let us stay with our baby?

Samuel D'Costa

Posted 04-Oct-18 00:59 AM

Question did not come through - Here is the question:

Gifting immovable property from parent to child in the state of Maharashtra:

1. Is the stamp duty of the gift deed capped at 200 rupees? 
2. Is there a registration process and what is the cost? 3. 
Is there any tax liability either at time of gifting or later for the child? 
4. If the property is valued at many crores, is there any cost to the child via taxes or fees?

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Posted 27-Sep-18 17:28 PM
Posted 23-Sep-18 08:31 AM

Dear  Sir,

If the society takes action then just lodge representation before the Deputy Registrar of Societies or get a stay order against the society not to interfere with your projected window adjacent. 

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Briana reynolds

Posted 22-Sep-18 23:26 PM

Should I pay citations before going to trial for them?

Citation was filled out with new address on it and data processing failed to realize and enter in system. Notices were sent to an old address, and now I have a failure to appear in court. I have already written a letter of motions to request another trial date.. Should I pay the citations before my trial date?

Dear Sir,

Your question is not clear. Normally you should not rely upon any citation before going for trial.

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