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Hot Mate

Posted 17-Nov-18 13:06 PM

Unable to sell my ancestral property

Dear Sir,I have some agricultural land in uttar pradesh (Native Place) in the name of my father and two uncle.My father and one uncle died few years back.Now i want to sell that land with permission of my cousin brothers and one uncle as we live here in mumbai and don't go to native place frequently.Now my nephew is not allowing us to sell it as he himself want to swallow that land which he is trying from last 10-12 years. So he put some stay in transferring name by giving stupid reason..Although he don't have any proof for that.So kindly advice me what should i do in this case ?

Akash Garhwal

Posted 14-Nov-18 22:31 PM

Dispute with FMCG company delhi based

hello,i was an superstockist of an namkeen company based in delhi. i met with person who was company representative of that namkeen company. so he told me al about that they was looking for an superstockist of area so i was agreed to him.and then i send them money through RTGS TO company's account and then i got shipment of fmcg product with bill and eway bill and at first i sold those products with the help of area manager and then second i again rtgs some amount to company acccount they send the shipment again but after 4-5 days suddenly the company representative stop answering my calls so was that company neither picking up call nor calling me up again.when i tried to contact the company representative he told me that he was droped by the MD of that company he no longer works for company and when i contact the MD of th ecompnay he stated that the man was on comission basis .after some coversations they told me that they will pickup the goods and return my money but they were lying days passed on they were again started as they were not piciking up my the company representative told me that he will be with me as proof that the company is not returning money nor picking up company i sresponsible for all i need to know is there any legal to proceed and solve this matter as soon...

Cole Schilling

Posted 11-Nov-18 15:25 PM

Eviction in Washington state if not on the lease

Recently I have been living with a friend that was a member of the HEN program, a sort of reinstatement program after jail that provides and pays for housing. Anyway, he was told he was being evicted and agreed to leave immediately to avoid that. I had been staying with him and although I was not on the lease j had been receiving my mail there including bank statements and personal mail. I have nowhere to go as I had not planned for this to happen and wish to go through the full eviction process so that I may find a new spot to live

Jagam Rao

Posted 08-Nov-18 23:36 PM


1) Assuming there is a lease agreement between you and your tenant, then You should issue eviction notice with  _days notice(depending on lease agreement) to handover possession.

2) After the expiry of notice period, you should file an eviction suit in the court having jurisdiction over the suit property. 

3) if the rents are not being paid by the tenant, you should Pray that rents should be deposited to you through court during the pendancy of the eviction suit.

4) There is no necessity that the land lord should appear in person during the proceedings stage and the land lord can give the GPA to his nearest relative to file the eviction suit, issue notices etc.

5) The GPA should be registered either in india or at the nearest indian embassy wherever you live

6) Many  a times, courts do grant permission for land lords to depose / be cross examined through Video conferencing. But for this court should have video conferencing infrastructure and also grant permission.


Hope this information is useful.

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Akash Garhwal

Posted 30-Oct-18 09:51 AM

fmcg dispute with company

i was super stockist of an company and the company representative i met make me ss of company and within a month of working i sent some goods to station and after few days the company represntative and the company stop picking up my calls when i contacted reprsentative he told me that company drop him off so contact MD of that company and when i contacted company they said that man was on commision basis now they arent picking up my calls and i have goods worth 1 lac placed in my godown.They arent picking up my goods and arent giving my money back..

Suresh Abraham

Posted 29-Oct-18 18:14 PM

Is there any way I could file a case against OCI holder for cheating and not paying money.

Dear Sir I have joined in a chit fund with my friend for a sum of 15,00000 rupees. We both are based in the UK and OCI holders. Chitty period was 30 months and last two chitties (29th & 30th) belongs to me (Total 30 lakhs). He agreed to pay this amount in India (Kerala) and I have evidence for this conversation. I have given him so many extended times to pay back my money. Now he is refusing to pay me any money. Later in my enquiry I found out that he was running a fake chitty (Dummy chitty) and collecting different amount from all members in that chitty. I have collected evidence for this. I would like to know is there any way I could file a case against him in India for cheating and not paying my money? Kind regards S Abraham

Posted 23-Oct-18 17:12 PM

What are the offshore business laws to outsource business to other companies in foreign countries

If an Indian company wants to outsource business to an foreign company, is there are laws or regulations governing the same?

Dear Sir,

There are so many rules and regulations apart from International Enactments which requires to be studied deeply to suggest you legally.

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