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Neha gupta

Posted 14-Oct-17 01:14 AM

lending money to someone

loaned money to someone i was in relationship with. we basically connected through a matrimonial website and talked about marriage etc. Later on he needed some money and i loaned him. Then for many reasons we didnt get married and all the while he kept saying he will return my money. He always gave a time line to return the money but money never actually came to my account. I have all the emails and chats regarding the money and on one mail he has accepted that what amount he took and he will return that.even now if i ask he says he will return. However its been 6-7 months and i want to know my legal options. I do have all chats and email where he accepted taking money and promised to return

Posted 12-Oct-17 22:03 PM

forcefull resignation and denial of experience letter by mnc

I spent lot of money during my transfer process and thought of claiming everything I have spent because of my transfer. But since I cannot claim the expenses incurred by my husband who was there with me during my transfer process, I thought of including all such expenses as rent by taking receipt from my PG owner and the PG caretaker agreed to it without any hesitation. He gave me the valid receipt for the same. On a personal level, I didn?t feel like doing anything wrong as the money was spent for transfer purpose and the company would have anyway bear such expenses if the company themselves would have arranged for my accommodation. However, when I disclosed this claim to my husband, I realized that my claim can become a serious issue and So, I immediately cancelled my claim. After a week of claim cancellation, I receive a mail for admin asking me to meet HR for clarification. And for this cancelled claim, an action was initiated against me.they called me up for discussion and they forcefully made me submit my resignation by mentally harassed by repeatedly asking the same set of questions again and again. i was dictated my resignation letter by Hr. Their action was initiated against a cancelled claim which totally defeats the whole purpose of cancellation. They didn?t pay heed to my explanation or justification and they even didn?t allow me to serve my notice period. My notice period would have ended in November end after which i was supposed to get my post graduation degree from bits pilani. after my termination,they denied my degree experience ltr for which i had worked hardly and performed excellently for last 4 years. I made many request for giving me my experience certificate and allow me to complete my degree which i would have completed in next 2 months but all my requests were unheared. I requested almost my top heads of companies. I was assured that they would do investigation but after a week they came back to me just to know incase i had any proofs of claim cancellation. when i said i dint have any. then after 3-4 days they again came back saying that their action was justified. then after repeated mails they gave me one month sal and closed my settelement and issued me a testimonial certificate saying i was not an employee but a student.on this basis they denied me the experience certificate as well. these four years even though acc to them when i was enrolled as an student, i worked like a normal employee abiding to all rules of normal employees (but benefits of only students were given). i was assigned projects, interacted with clients, company got billing on my name from client. they presented us (me and many like me whos pursuing this education program from company) as project engineer to the clients.i filed case i labour court and need advice and a lawyer for the same. please advice

Jayda Harris

Posted 11-Oct-17 06:56 AM

Car dealership gave me one car but paperwork says I signed for a different one. Am I legally obligated to the car on my contract?

About 2-3 days ago, I financed a car through a dealership (Hernstein Hyundai). Although its not the car I wanted, I chose to get a 2017 Hyundai Accent. They call me today and tell me that I need to come back to sign for paperwork all over again because they accidentally had me sign off for a different car. A 2017 Hyundai Elentra (a much nicer car). The VIN on my paperwork that I originally signed is has ALL the information for the Elentra, all the way down to the VIN number. I know the chances of actually getting a response from a lawyer on here are slim but i'm open to an answer or opinion from anyone. Am I legally obligated to the 2017 Hyundai Elentra?

Posted 04-Oct-17 20:06 PM

Unless you believe and have material reasons to believe that your university is discriminating against you basis your gender, religion, caste, place of birth or any physical handicap etc, such considerations might be subject to the internal rules and processes of the university and would probably be best handled through the internal dispute resolution setup at your university. Please consider highlighting your displeasure to the relevant authorities through a formal letter or notice and follow the university process

In the event you believe you're being (systemically) discriminated against, you might want to take legal recourse - Consider hiring a lawyer in such a scenario

... Read More

Abdulla Sayyed

Posted 04-Oct-17 01:06 AM

Paid amount to builder through cheque. No other paperwork. Builder refusing to create sale deed

Paid amount to builder through cheque.Builder refuses to make sale deed neither willing to pay back money.Have possession of property but of late have been informed of property being unauthorized.Legal remedies available.Also confirm whether this amounts to criminal breach of trust and whether punishable under sec 420 of IPC and complaint can be filed in police station.

Kamarty Petersen

Posted 03-Oct-17 02:31 AM

Copyrighting a Group of Instrumentals

I'm trying to copyright my instrumental tracks and I was told that it would be okay if I copyright them all together but if somebody would like to buy and use an instrumental from the batch of instrumentals I copy written, I would have to now fill out a new copyright form for that 1 instrumental that is being bought. My question is would I just be better off copyrighting 1 instrumental at a time?

In the event you are looking to sell the songs individually, you should register (and copyright) the songs individually as well if your sales terms require you to transfer the copyrights for the individual songs. However, if the copyright is being used to establish your ownership and creation of the content (only) and is not needed as part of the sales terms, even the Collection Registration should be able to establish your ownership and creation.

Also remember that if your register a collection, then you should have complete rights over the entire collection (every song/instrumental in it) and it should not have been done in partnership with someone etc or you will need a separate registration for such songs

... Read More

Posted 26-Sep-17 19:12 PM

I would like to take legal action against zoomcar who is trying to accuse me of damaged and asking for 20K for something i didn't do.

Hi,When i was in Hyderebad we rented a car from zoom car for a day trip 100 kms from the city. After 40 mins into the journey the car started to heat up and a local mechanic said the car radiotor has some hole and the entire coolant is leaking. And even after we topped up the coolant the entire coolant leaked out. After a long discussion with the customer support they refused to give me a replacement car and they asked me to return their car and asked us to take a taxi back to the city on my own. Due to this , we refused to give the car back without a replacement car and after 8 hours of battle with them i had to give the car to them but without the car original papers. From that day they are harassing me to give me the papers and they will refund the money but i told them to pay me back then only get the papers. Now they have asked me to pay 20,000 because i apparently cause the radiator to break. i dont know that driving 40 kms could break the car radiator. Right now i still have the car papers and refuse to give them the papers without the refund for the service i didn't use and compensation for the amount of stress they have caused for last 2 weeks.

You could hire a lawyer to get a notice drafted and sent to ZoomCar, and if you aren't happy with the outcome, you could proceed with filing of a consumer complaint. A consumer complaint can be filed by oneself. Try using to file it through the government mandated channels. You can also call 1800114000 or SMS to 8130009809 to register your complaint. If this isn't effective, try filing a consumer complaint in the right District forum, depending on where you rented the car from and also how ZoomCar handles its disputes.

If you need to find lawyers, you could use fora like ruly to find them

... Read More

Posted 24-Sep-17 00:15 AM

Validity of an inquiry of a government employee under rule 14 of the CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES(CLASSIFICATION, CONTROL & APPEAL RULES, 1965)

An inquiry on the employee has been initiated for the wrongdoings of a worker under him who took money for some services which fall under the said employee without his knowledge. Is the supervisor liable to inquiry and punishment? Also, the admission from the employee that this incident happened without his knowledge has been treated as a violation of Rule 3(ii) of the Central Civil Services Conduct rule. Is this a valid accusation and how can the employee defend himself in the inquiry?

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