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Rahul Jain

Posted 06-Sep-18 22:02 PM

Can we buy this property which was bought on lease with a premium amount and a fix rent in 1943. There is no proof of payment of rent.

We are staying in a rental home from last 40 50 years in a town in Bihar. Land lady is now interested to sell the property, expressed her interest to us if we are interested to buy it with some discounted rate to current market price.In the registry paper it is mentioned that Mr. Pawan (father-in-law of current land lady) (Second party) bought the land from Mrs. Geeta (first party) in 1943 at the premium of Rs. 1500 and a fixed jama of Rs. 7.50 which can't increase or decrease. It also says that Property can be enjoyed (construct home, well, garden etc.) by Mr. Pawan, his son, heirs and representative in succession and assignee in succession with power to effect all kinds of transfer such as gift, sale etc. Second party will not get any remission in respect of the amount of Jama (Rs. 7.50 per year). Second party bound to pay cess or any other amount fixed by government. If second party doesn't pay jama or neglect paying the same to the Shrestha of first party then second party will remain bound to pay interest at the rate permissible to law for making default in payment. There is a receipt of payment of Jama for 3 years together with interest in year 1946. Thereafter, there is no proof of payment. Nor, any demand by Mrs. Geeta or her heirs. Some Munshi said, this system of paying jama was prevalent during Zameendari Raj and with abolition of Zameendari, people stopped paying jama to Zameendar family (Mrs. Geeta) instead Nagar Palika started collecting jamabandi tax. (I don't know about the validity of his statement in court of law) Unfortunately there is no record of payment of any "Jamabandi" to Nagar Palika as well. Land record still shows Mrs. Geeta as owner in books of Nagar Palika. But Registry office has record of this deed.Now I would like to knowIs it alright to buy such property? Can we get the process of registration done smoothly. We might be asked to pay Jamabandi since 1943 (or whenever it came) which might be few thousand rupees negligible considering the value of property in lakhs. Can land mutation could be done or they might ask for proof of payment of Rs. 7.50 yearly to Shrestha of first party of registry deed. With interest it might come 60k, still not a big amount, we can pay. Only we might have to find Shrestha of Mrs. Geeta's family. Or it's not required after abolition of Zameendari.


Posted 31-Aug-18 12:10 PM

Similar Trademark issue on inported product

Hello, I own a company called zenith technology llc. I newly imported karaoke speakers with the name z?nith technology on the box. On the actual goods it says z?nith. There turns out to be a very very old company that produced radios with the name zenith which is trademarked. The letter z in their zenith is in the form of a lightning symbol. This may be trademark infringement on my end and I don?t know what are my legal rights. My goods are being detained with customs for examination

Posted 30-Aug-18 17:35 PM
Posted 17-Jul-18 05:00 AM

criminal arm robbery case

My 17 year old son was with someone when they committed a robbery and aggravated assault. He has been in trouble at age 15 for riding in a stolen car with someone. Will he be eligible for first time offense ? And bond ?

Dear Sir,

He is entitled for such benefit under the following provision and such leniency may pleaded if the court comes to the conclusion that your son committed above offence.


Section 360 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973

360. Order to release on probation of good conduct or after admonition.

(1) When any person not under twenty- one years of age is convicted of an offence punishable with fine only or with imprisonment for a term of seven years or less, or when any person under twenty- one years of age or any woman is- convicted of an offence not punishable with death or imprisonment for life, and no previous conviction is proved against the offender, if it appears to the Court before which he is convicted, regard being had to the age, character or antecedents of the offender, and to the circumstances in which the offence was committed, that it is expedient that the offender should be released on probation of good conduct, the Court may, instead of sentencing him at once to any punishment, direct that he be released on his entering into a bond with or without sureties, to appear and receive sentence when called

... Read More

Dinesh Bhatnagar

Posted 13-Jul-18 08:14 AM

Dear Sir,

Property cannot be changed in his single name. So he cannot sell the property without the consent of other beneficiaries.

... Read More

Posted 03-Jul-18 22:48 PM 66503

How legally enforceable are improvement district covenants over rural law?

Hello. I own a home outside of city limits in the country near Manhattan KS, 66503. There is a "residential improvement district" here called "University Park" with "covenants" that I had to sign to buy the house. Here are the covenants: Thing is that people have ducks/chickens, 3 dogs, there are two privacy fences, and they only started enforcing this non-specific mowing law a few years before I bought my home in this area. Now they think they can trespass, vandalize our property (aka, mow), and charge us for it. They also got snippy when I got chickens (females only, too!) But I want more farm animals and more freedom in general, so I want to know how... How legally enforceable are all of these? Do they take away my rights to have a few extra farm animals as I please? Can I approach them like I would anyone trespassing and vandalizing before or asking them to leave? Do I have to follow these covenants like "laws" or can I simply follow rural laws for the county? As for the fencing, can I install an electric fence with signs 15' from the street? Also to future neighbors reading this in spite: I care more about happiness, making dreams come true, and quality of life than the value of my home. Money isn't everything... (Yes other readers; there will be neighbors upset over everything... they're bored LOL! Not all of them though! A lot of them are some of the best people you'll ever know. Great neighbors; come over when you see me outside and say hi (please don't knock.) You and your kids are welcome to feed my future goat a carrot or for adults join me for a beer by the fire. :)) They also tax us for "improvements" here (such as chopping down one tree and planting another because they like the new type better... mowing the golf course (which they want to charge us 35$ annually to WALK on, let alone play on. Bonus question: Can they even do that since we pay for it already?) Thank you! If you ever want a beer and to feed a carrot to a cute critter, you're welcome over, you wonderful Lawyer you!

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