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deepak gupta

Posted 23-Mar-17 10:26 AM

I believe that the family has no obligation to pay any maintenance to the deceased's cases where divorce hasn't been filed for. However, she would have right over the deceased's husband's property. And these rights would stay, even if she remarries

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Valerie gjs

Posted 16-Mar-17 20:01 PM

Should hacking spouse email account & forwarding emails, during ongoing contested Divorce, attract charges under IPC 419 & 420 when IT Act is already charged? How to convince court that the charges under sections of IPC especially IPC 420 do not apply

Should hacking spouse email account & forwarding emails, during ongoing contested Divorce, attract charges under IPC 419 & 420 when IT Act is already charged? How to convince court that the charges under sections of IPC especially IPC 420 do not apply

Shekhar Gupta

Posted 08-Mar-17 11:28 AM

In Gurgaon, are apartment owners societies legally allowed to refuse to visit my girlfriend at nights ?

I am living in Gurgaon, my girlfriend lives in another society in Gurgaon, I frequently visit her and sometimes stay over night. Society security personal showed me a document, in which it is written that "boys are not allowed in girls only apartment at night after 10pm". Does this statement has any legal grounds ? and what is the way out for this.

No, there is no way to get out of it. Because it is also law in society and all people are abide by the bye-laws. 

But if you own that house in apartments, they cannot restrict your right to live even there are bye-laws ( in my opinion). But what if the society intention was to curb such live-in relationships or to live only for family relations. Further if society had the motto that,  their society will curb such relations if it exists in their society. The soiety have its every right to make laws/ rules inside the society. 

The only way to get out of it is ; Human beings has to become more mature,

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Avijit Pandit

Posted 26-Feb-17 20:26 PM

Since it is a government job, I'm assuming that you'd have received all the salary payments via cheque, and there must also be pay slips. While taking up the job, you'd have filled a form for opening a PF account and shared the PF account details with the authority making payments to you. The PF account that you have would have received such payments from the paying authority. Check with them if such deposits were made. You can also share the same PF account details with your new employer and they can keep making the payments in the same account. ... Read More

Posted 26-Feb-17 15:31 PM

You should write an application to the relevant authorities and get the transfer halted. If you haven't provided sufficient details in the question but, off the cuff, approaching relevant authorities from your department seems like the most logical next step

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Posted 25-Feb-17 11:02 AM

requesting justice for compensation to seviourly injured railway employee

sir, My father working as group d employee under secundrabad division at south central railway and he was seviourly injured and his spinalcord had broken in an accedent on duty on 01-01-2016 and operation was held at 11-01-2016 to his spinal cord but it has been completing more than one year till now he can't able to move even having support of neighbours, his both legs were paralysed ,and he carrying urinery bag because he doesn't have control on it, we are attending regularly for monthly check up since 13months form Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad and recently they took several opinions from care hospital doctors those who operated my father and they said that they are not sure about his improvement in future, after that surprisingly railway doctors given fit certificate and sent him to light duty service, we requested the doctors how can he will do job in this condition and asked for compensation. one of the doctor in South Central railway hospital secundrabad ,his name is I shivanagaprasad (Nero surgeon) rudely said write a letter and take voluntary retirement on your own and that he not going to give unfit certificate anymore for compensation.present I and my mother going along with my father to duty because his urinary bag should have to clean every half an hour other wise his bladder will infected and I am and my mother has been staying along with him all the day and we spending amount more then a salary for traveling,porter charges and it's already i have been staying with him since 1year and my dad has further 13 years service up to that how can we go along with him to duty it's impacting on my future and our lifes and we are struggling a lot with these kind of behavior of railway official and they harassing us in this way. By seeing our struggle some of employees in railway said go to CAT there you will get justice regarding this issue. Please suggest how to file a petition regarding this issue to get Justice. Please save our life's by giving valuable suggestion Thanking you sir

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