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Posted 15-Jan-18 15:24 PM

Is US court divorce valid for a marriage registered in India?

If the marriage was registered in India and the couple reside in US now, can they get divorce in US? The groom had gone to US based on spouse visa of bride

Jolly Gud

Posted 15-Jan-18 10:22 AM

confiscation of property on mom;s name

Hello Experts, I am 34 yrs old male indian citizen living abroad since 2005 . My father,current age 62, was a state govt employee and served as workers co-operative society president from 2009-2015. I learnt that during his tenure as president(2009 -2015) some funds to the tune of around 1 crore were misappropriated and criminal case was filed against him along with society clerk and other directors . He got suspended just 1 day before his retirement in Nov 2016 and all his pension benefits have been kept on hold as criminal case is still in progress. I am assuming the law will take its own course of action to find all guilty involved which I think will take atleast 3 - 5 years to deliver the verdict. We bought a house in 2005 with a bank loan of 5 lakhs on my mom;s name(she is Life Insurance Corp agent) but that property has been attached to the case,saying we bought the house using misappropriated funds, which i think I will have to fight in court to show proof of funds used to buy the house, showing her monthly insurance commission details as she was an LIC agent since 1995. Now in 2018, as a son , I want to transfer my personal funds available in my abroad bank account (earned thru my salary alone ) to my mom's (age 54) indian bank account and use those funds to buy shares and mutual funds on my mom's name. The reason I want to do that is to avail the 0% tax for Long Term Cap gains and 15% for short term capital for indian residents , as I am abroad currently and have plans to return in 5-10 years down the lane, and then inherit those funds to my name and my children name when i return. In this regard, my question specifically is , would law allow to link the ongoing criminal case against my father with the shares and mutual funds that i buy on my mom;s name in 2018 & beyond, using my personal funds , and confiscate everything on my mom's name in future since she is wife of convicted person(if incase proved guilty)? Please advise if you see any risks of putting funds in my mom;s name?

Posted 10-Jan-18 14:51 PM

What are my options? What is the predicted outcome

I was arrested for my 2nd DWI in TX. I gave the officer verbal consent many times that she can take my blood or breath and didn?t. Her blood kit was expired and when we got to the station she didn?t bother giving me one there either. I have an ALR hearing and she told DPS that I refused but I have my temp permit and it says I didn?t. It?s signed with her signature and badge number. What do I do?

Audrey Denise

Posted 10-Jan-18 09:56 AM

Assault and attempted rape

I was assaulted sexual abused and he tried to rape me it happened 12 years ago can i still sue him


This cannot be answered without knowing the country you intend to sue him in. In the UK/Wales, there's no time limit for reporting while there are restrictions (statute of limitations) in the US states

In India, there is no real time limit to reporting of such cases. However, you might have to justify the reason for delay etc.

In most other European countries as well, there are time based limitations - here's an article which illustrates this better :

Its really brave that you have decided to pursue this. Hope you find closure


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jamiahokoye .

Posted 07-Jan-18 21:34 PM

I want to know if my idea breaches copyright law

I want to sell my own t-shirts online. I am aware due to copyright infringement I can't use photos or album covers of celebrities.However, if i custom draw modified images such as caricature or water colours of artists or album covers such as Prince or Michael Jackson, would that be okay to sell?

Posted 03-Jan-18 00:29 AM

Vijay Shankar

Posted 26-Dec-17 12:45 PM

is it crime or not

i have paid a girl for video call show . while she was also ready for it and she is not minor . is it legal or illegal . is it any kind of cyber crime or else

Since it is consenting video conversation, it is not illegal. But recording the video or distributing the content is illegal and a cyber crime.

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