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parthi ban

Posted 30-Mar-19 22:36 PM

land Dispute with neighbour...Looking for legal opinion..

Hi, I had an housing land dispute issue with neighbour...Twice survey done with taluka government surveyour..I am trying to make the wall within my boundary limits... But my neighbour was objecting and he was threatning me to make the construction,Already FIR HAS been filed with my neighbour as well. But after Sub inspector intervention It was agreed that resurvey need to be done with proper survey notice and the opposite party should not make any problem....My neighbour want the survey from District surveyour only...... AS we have already enquired with District Surveyour about this survey for his avialblity...AS per him head surveyour is the final authority to make the survey..District surveyour wont come for survey...The same has been conveyed by District surveyour to head surveyour over Phone as well.hence we have decided to conduct survey with head surveyour and taluka surveyour with summon notice.After surveyor reached the spot to make survey my neighbour was objecting this Survey...And they didnt allow the surveyour to make the survey... They are always coming with group and threatning us since we are orthodox family...I am looking for legal Justice. Now how can I proceed to build wall within my boundary limit...Looking for a solution which can faster... 1)Is there a possiblity to take mandatory injunction order to avoid neighbour interfer in my boundary wall.....if yes before giving this will there be a hearing from opposite side as well...Please clarify 2)if the opposite party knows i am moving towards court,is there a way he can get some stay order to stop my work parmanetly without my knowledge...???? Please suggest the best way to move forward.....

Dear Sir,

Get survey the land through Court Surveyor by getting appointment of Court Commissioner.

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Posted 25-Mar-19 15:39 PM

Please use


However, it might not be accepted if you dont have a valid bar council ID

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Posted 14-Mar-19 01:57 AM

Land Purchase agreement Payment dispute

My father did a stamp paper agreement with a land seller and paid 2 lakh money. In agreement it was written that remaining money should be paid within 6months. But after receiving 2 lakh the seller starting misbehaving. He does not contacted us. My father visited several times to his home but he did not meet with my father. Seller continuously avoided us. Then we came to know from seller's neighborhood that he sold the property to other people in high value. When we asked him the seller said the the 6months time is over and he can sell it to anyone. Then we asked to refund the 2 lakh money, but the seller told as that there is no rule to refund agreement money. He said there is no one can force him to refund. He is misbehaving with us. Is there no way we can get our money?

Rebecca Young

Posted 12-Mar-19 21:50 PM

Is Insurance or Employer right to deny Volunteer Group Spousal Life Insurance after death if they accepted my elections and took payment out of paycheck ?

I had elected to add Voluntary Life for myself and Spousal Life Insurance on-line during Employer Open Enrollment at the end of 2017 for 2018. They did not refuse my election but had a pop up saying that it would be put on hold for HR or Insurance to approve and I may need to fill out forms of eligiblity. I was not given any forms, nothing popped up in "Tasks to Do" field, or in my email, etc. It was to me approved, as they started taking payments out of my check from then on like clock work. My Husband was a strong hard working man. He passed from a sudden Aortic Burst, after having "The Whipple" procedure for Pancreatic Cancer that we found out he had June 7th 2018, after going to the Dr. for pain we thought would be kidney stones. His Dr. said he should have no issues getting througth the procedure as he was strong and healthy. He did come through the procedure very well. He had some leakage from the surgery site, but nothing the Surgeon was too concerned with. They had given training on his feeding tube and we were getting prepared to bring him home. He was sitting up and talking after getting washed up and doing fine, then he looked at his Daughter and said " I don't feel so good" then he passed out and the Medical Team tryed to get him back but it was too late, he had lost too much blood. Now Insurance says I was not eligible to have elected the added insurance as I needed to do it when I first hired in or I needed to have filled out eligibility forms. (which no one offered me). Your help would be greatly appreciated

Ashu M

Posted 02-Mar-19 00:48 AM

Cbi corruption chargsheet

Hi,My father was a govt servent and he was from technical background but due to his straight forward nature he was not liked by higher management and therefore he had moved to almost every department in that organization.So once he was head of non tech department with no much knowledge about all fact and data and he was knowing his junior colleague as they all were living in same colony hence my father was trusting him therefore he was helping him in work so now the main issue arrived.As my father was head of department so that contractor billing file he signed and in that file descrpency was there in bill which got signed by my father and payment has been made to contractor so many other junior fellows were also involved in that in which some of them got some benefit too.cbi found that those employee did corruption for there interest and raid conducted for all employee.For junior fellows they found some evidence , as my father did not took single penny so nothing they got but they filed chagesheet and my father is also put in that case.So please let me know what should I do to make it clear in front of everyone.ThanksAyush

It is sad that sincere people got struck in such corruption mess.

But it is also slightly disappointing that your english writing is poor/very casual writing . Please learn how to write summaries.

sorry if i have hurt about your writing skills,coming to the issue,


If junior employees and contractor plead guilty,

The contractor had to confirm and give affidavit that he didn't pay any money or favours to your father.

Also the junior employees had to give affidavit that your father had no involvement at all .


If junior employees and contractor plead not guilty,

then they all had to hire a big lawyer and prove that this case is not valid and to be quashed. In this case, your father will be automatically acquitted.

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Posted 22-Feb-19 11:03 AM

#humiliation by teacher

I am an 18 yr old btech student.My maths teacher asked me stand up and asked me why I missed the previous class to which I responded that I was having a severe headache and henceforth I missed the class to which he asked me to leave and therefore I left.Then he came out and started forcing to me to lean down in front of him on my knees to which I said sorry to which he raised his hands on me as if he is going to beat me up.Then I had to lean down as I got scared and after that he went back to the class and I went home.what action can I take against the teacher

Dear Sir,

You can lodge a complaint against the teacher and also to the college management and even to the education Minister of your State. If you do not take action against him he may repeat such actions which are illegal not only against you but also your classmates.


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Ramesh B

Posted 13-Feb-19 23:00 PM

Stamp Duty for Certification of sale for the property bought on Public Bank Auctions ? is it purchased value or Market value ?

Please provide us the clarification regarding the stamp duty for registration of SALE CERTIFICATE for the property, that has been bought in public Auction sale by SARFAESI Act,2002 (The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act, 2002). We request you to provide the clarification, whether the stamp duty has to be paid on the purchased price fixed in the SALE CERTIFICATE issued by the recovery officer authorised by SARFAESI or if it has to be paid based on the market value of auctioned property. For example : If a property is bought for 10 lakhs in bank auctions and has the market value of 20 Lakhs, should the stamp duty be paid on the 10L (mentioned in the cerification of the sale given by bank after successful auction) or should the stamp duty need to be paid of market value (ie 20 Lakhs) ? For your references, As per article 16 c) in STAMP ACT SCHEDULE ,ANNEXURE,SCHEDULE1-A,STAMP DUTY ON CERTAIN INSTRUMENTS UNDER THE STAMP (ANDHRA PRADESH AMENDMENT) ACT, 1922,under THE CERTIFICATE OF SALE, has mentioned the stamp duty has to be paid as "The same duty as conveyance (No: 20) for a consideration or market value equal to the amount of the purchase money only." The Registration and Stamps Act websites of other states like Delihi,TamilNadu ,Kerala,Karnataka,Punjab and other states have been levying the stamp duty based on the fixed price in the SALE CERTIFICATE only. Can some other states like telangana,andhra pradesh insist that stamp duty has to be paid on Market value only ?

Dear Sir,

It is not clear from which State you are asking this question and where the property actually situate. Actually the registration will be done on payment of stamp duty against payment on the amount mentioned in the sale certificate.

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