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Ajay Kumar

Posted 18-Jun-18 13:30 PM

IPC 302 328 Viscera show no poison what to do next

Hi I got merried on 17-01-2017. My wife left me with her relative on 20-01-2017 becasue she told to me and my family this marrage was done forecfully . We have small video prove for that. But i dnt want to show that because in that video she is repeating everything with my sister. After 3-4 months here parent start putting pressure on us. There were 3-4 meetings but no solution.One day on 09-07-2017 here grandfather and 5-6 more people came to my house and start abusing my family. Again on 10-07-2017 they took my father with them at aroung 10 AM. After 2-4 hours they came back with my father. My father was not conscious. Her grandfather and other peole leave my homme immediately. After some time my father start vomitting. We admitted him in the hospital there he died on 11-7-2017. We have launched an FIR under section IPC 302 328. But when we reciev viscera report after 1 year it doesn't show any poision. Please help me what we could do in this case. What i want ===>>I dnt want to live with that lady anymore, Should i file divorce . will it be effective how much alimony i will need to pay. In how much time my divorce will be granted.I want juctice in my father murder as well.Please call me on 7259909988. Regards Ajay K

Louise Ismail

Posted 17-Jun-18 14:09 PM

Family Court Custody Expert, SC

My child is in danger of her father with unsupervised visit today. There us a Bench ruling for visitation but no signed order. Is the Bench ruling enforceable?

Mikaila Carney

Posted 14-Jun-18 15:15 PM

Friend dog-sat for their bro, he left a note saying we could use the pool. There was a no trespassing sign, we had to be with a her bro to enter. Went in, left soon without using the pool

My friend was dog sitting for their brother (she is not a resident there) and he left a note saying we could use the pool. We got there and there was a no trespassing sign, we had to be with a resident to enter. We went in but I was anxious about the sign so we left soon after we entered. We did not use the pool or any facilities. This happened earlier today so nothing has happened yet but I have been really anxious about if they could charge us and there being serious consequences. This happened in Richfield, Minnesota, USA.

A Elava

Posted 11-Jun-18 13:12 PM

No defence evidence second marriage case

My husband second marriage case was in judicial magistrate court 2 mannarkudi more than 4 years.12th June judgement. Before that they mentioned no defence evidence. Evidence closed. Argument over.i would like to know the meaning of the above statement. Instead of me police filled the case.

Posted 09-Jun-18 12:34 PM

What action we can take if the house Owner is not returning the amount back?

Before she was saying while leaving the society I will return the amount.Now she is not returning the amount back.

Bee Bee

Posted 06-Jun-18 16:55 PM

Visiting prisoners with demostic violence order in place

Hi my husband's mother is wanting to visit him but there is a demostic violence order in place and she was wondering if she can still visit him

Bethany Girard

Posted 06-Jun-18 07:40 AM

Vulnerable Adult Protection Order

So my boyfriend and I had a fight one day and I got physical first with him. He is schizophrenic. so he blacked out, choked me, anf hit me in the head with a pistol BB gun. It caused my head to bleed. I took pictures after. A few days later our friend was over and my boyfriend was in the bedroom talking to our friend. About an hour later they both ran outside and left without saying goodbye because that friend had told him that I had a knife in my hand and I was talking about murdering him ASAP. my boyfriend wouldn't talk to me at all and I didn't know why because bi had done nothing. I was angry and so I got a restraining order on him and now I wish that I could take it back because I miss him and it our friend hadn't lied to h we would still be able to see each other. I live on Washington state. I asked my lawyer if I could get rid of the order and he told me that I have to wait until the case gets closed because the prosecutor still has it open to see if they want to get anyone in trouble. Even though I never pressed any charges. What do I need to do to try to get rid of this and when am I allowed to get rid of itm

Posted 29-May-18 19:15 PM

Can I sue my former employer for wrongly accusing me and mentally harassing me?

Hi,I was working in a startup which is US based. I recently got terminated in probation for ?poor performance? of which no email trail is there with me. They did not listen to my explanations and just terminated. Fine. I was in probation so they need not provide even reasons. But when I asked for my full and final settlement, they accused me that I was working in some other company simultaneously and my colleagues had seen that in chat room. I was never working for some other company while working for them. They threatened me to remove review from Glassdoor. They provided me with full and final after I told them that I would go in court of law but can I sue them for defamation and mental harassment? They have many other flaws. They were never incorporated in India while it was mentioned in offer letter that they would be incorporated in January 2018 only. They had put me on a contract position with a consultancy firm and it is the director of this consultancy firm who has accused me and threatened me

Dear Sir,

If you have strong evidenced then you can file a case for compensation for defamation and mental harassment for unwarranted comments.


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