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Department of law, Kashmir University, Srinagar 1995-1999

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Chamber No 819, Dwarka District Court,Sector 10 Dwarka New Delhi Delhi, 110075

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On 21-Nov-16 18:55 PM,Rajinder Raina commented on the following question
Do I have to file #FIR against money fraud in the location of the company that duped me or can I file it in my city?

In Aug-15,I have invested an amount of 10 lacs,in a construction raw material supply firm based in Karnal after seeing ad in daily news paper that return will be 15% payable per month..Till 3 month the party paid me the income,after that started avoiding calls,in march -2016 when i asked for invested money and profit to return then the party started threatening and giving threat to kill.I lodged a complaint in local police station ROPAR,PUNJAB,because it was Money fraud as well life threat.But till date police is not filing F.I.R.because police is telling that my agreement is made in Karnal which is in Haryana. My all money transaction neft/cash is made through local bank at ROPAR.I can not go and approach in Haryana because i am afraid of his threats.Please suggest us that F.I.R. can be lodged in local police station or not.

If the money was deducted from your bank at punjab it can b filed in punjab police is unable to understand the legal technicalities n thus are avoiding to register FIR . so what is good for you is to file application under section 156(3) crpc before magistrate  or file pvt criminal compliant  against the accused in ropar punjab .... Lastly you should consult local criminal lawyer n the lawyer will get either FIR registered or will persue pvt criminal compliant there.

Fir any more querry on subject  feel free to ask 


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On 21-Nov-16 18:46 PM,Rajinder Raina commented on the following question
Domestic violence

My sister is getting mentally tortured by her in-laws. What is the process to warn them or any other way to stop this ?

File domestic violence case against her  inlaws n that way the inlaws of your sister will mend their way .  

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On 21-Nov-16 13:58 PM,Rajinder Raina commented on the following question
I invested rs 3200000/_ to a person. he iss isued cheque to me later he returned 2000000 but 1200000 lk is balance I deposited chq of 3200000 lks which bounced I have filed a case under n i a act and claimed only 1200000 Is my claim valid Should I hv claimed the chq amount? wht is my position in court can anyone give SC JUDGMENT in my favor thanks

Yiu shoukd have claimed whike amount of cheque n if you have send demand notice of less amount than cheque in question your case is not maintainable . even if court issued process it can b dismissed in revision by opposite party .... So it was grave mistake of your lawyer . you shoukd have claimed whole n then settled it in court for the balance amount ....

Your case can b hit in revision  if the opposite lawyer click properly 


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On 21-Nov-16 13:52 PM,Rajinder Raina commented on the following question
if in MACT matter if claimant having f.dr on there receiving amount and after the maturity of f.dr it's come to know that there is clerical mistake in name in fd.r then how I collect the money


File application for correction before same court along with FDR n the award copy . the court will rectify its mistake with out delay .. Consult your lawyer for same if you feel it difficult 

Feel free to  consult me 


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On 21-Nov-16 13:48 PM,Rajinder Raina commented on the following question
Tenant not vacating even after expiry of rental agreement

We have given our house situated in south Delhi to tenants in 2013 with 11 months rent agreement and we further renewed such agreement in 2014 and 2015 and after expiry of agreement in may 2016 we asked them to vacate the house as they never paid us rent on time and also defaulted in payment of rent in February 2015 , so they agreed to leave and asked 1 month time to vacate but they didn't leave even after expiry of 1 month and asked us 4 months more time so we gave them 4 months time on condition that they have to give us in writing that they will vacate after 4 months and they gave us in writing that they will vacate in 4 months but even after expiry of 1 month they again asked us 1 month time as their financial condition was very poor and they were not able to finance the shifting cost and also to pay us Balance due so we again gave them one month time but now also they are not vacating the house and they have also not paid us rent from last 2 months so we want them to evict now .So I have certain questions in this regards:-1. How much maximum time it may take in court to evict them if we approach to court?2

There is a set procedure for eviction n not any ither way . you have to send legal notice through lawyer n there after you can file eviction suit before rent controller that is district judge . remember you have to show urgency for vacating n not merely your pleasure or desire to get it vaccated . n in reverse the tenant can seek stay from eviction if he approaches court first . so it is legal matter n should b followed as said above .  you can consult   me. By calling me or personal consultation 


 Rajinder Raina 



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