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Osmania University, Hyderabad 1995-2000

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On 07-Jan-17 12:58 PM,Narasimha Rao commented on the following question
Taxes and KYC on online shopping from aliexpress

Hello, I wanted to purchase electronic articles for personal use from aliexpress. Pls. inform me of the following: 1.What taxes and excise are applicable for goods purchased from aliexpress. 2. Is there any value of goods upto which no taxes have to be paid? Thanks.

Aliexpress ia an Online Shopping web portal, as per the law of land, they will show the price with all applicable taxes in india, when you want to choose a product for purchase. However, in India you cant purchase the product through a online portal available for USA or any other country.


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On 07-Jan-17 12:46 PM,Narasimha Rao commented on the following question
intestate succession with out will

Suppose a person A died without will and have no successor in class 1. this person A have 2 brothers and two sisters. Both brothers died after person A death and never claimed over succession of person A property. So now who have claim over person A property if all files for succession certificate? is it sisters only or dead brother's sons and daughters or all have equal share in property

All the brothers and sisters will get equal share in the property of deceased person "A". Even though Brothers of Person "A" already died, their respective legal heirs and the sisters of Person-"A" are entitled to claim the property as per their entitlment as successors of the estate left by the deceased Persona "A".

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On 07-Jan-17 12:42 PM,Narasimha Rao commented on the following question
Question redacted due to user reporting

We are reviewing this question and shall make it available for viewing if it meets our content standards

If you have the Charge Sheet, basing on that Court staff can guide you for finding out the crime number. Even in Charge sheet, the crime number will be mentioned.

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On 07-Jan-17 12:41 PM,Narasimha Rao commented on the following question
How can we close a case that is 20 yrs old? We have the copy of the chargesheet and all case documents

Basically you are required to know whether the case is still pending or it is already closed. 

You can enquire the things from the concerned jurisdiction court by showing your crime number.

If it is not closed then you need to take help of any local advocate to assist you for closing the said case at the earliest.

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On 07-Jan-17 12:38 PM,Narasimha Rao commented on the following question
Reservation applicable if I work for private sector

I belong to 2A category from Karnataka.. I work for private firm and income around 10lpa. I am looking for govt job now.. still I can claim 2A for govt jobs keeping my private job intact.. pls advise

You can avail Government job. but you cant keep your present private job intact. once you get Government job, you are required to resign all other private jobs and businesses. 

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